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Officer Who Had Taser Pulled On Him Being Charged With Murder of Rayshard Brooks

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This is clearly a PR stunt by the city. It has to be. How else can it be explained that a police officer would be charged with murder after having a suspect pull a taser on him?

It just doesn’t add up.

Could it be that any killing of a black man by a white police officer will now land a cop in big-time trouble, regardless of the circumstances? Hmm…


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Brooks was 100% at fault and there is video proof. There’s absolutely no question about it.

But don’t tell that to failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. She, like all liberals, has her own interpretation of what went down.

The Georgia flag-burning woman blabbered, “That is why you saw the reaction from protesters. That is why the virulence of anger remain. Activists are necessarily calling into question what’s actually being done. And what I would say is there is a legitimacy to this anger. There’s a legitimacy to this outrage. A man was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-thru. We know this is not an isolated occurance.


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Rayshard Brooks didn’t have to die this weekend and Wendy’s didn’t have to be burned down.

But the guy resisted arrest, fought with cops, and grabbed a taser. What did he think was going to be the outcome? Do cops not have the right to protect themselves simply because radical liberals might erupt?

Here’s body cam footage:

Here’s cellphone footage:

A future Joe Biden voter burned down the Wendy’s where Brooks was killed. Because clearly it was the fast food chain’s fault that Brooks was killed – not Brooks’s.


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