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Officials Warn That LA County’s Stay-At-Home Order Could Drag On Through July Or August



It looks like this summer is going to be a real drag for anyone living in Los Angeles County, as the stay-at-home order is likely to continue on throughout the entire summer according to officials. This is no doubt going to anger quite a few citizens, particularly those who own businesses as the coronavirus continues to ravage the economy and threatens their livelihood.

County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer noted that the order will be extended completely through July or August. Yikes.

You have to wonder, at this point, how many folks are going to get fed up with this stuff and end up moving away from the area temporarily or possibly permanently, in order to go to a state where they can be free to work and provide for their families?

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Here’s more from Fox News:

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“Our hope is that by using the data we’d be able to slowly lift registrations over the next three months,” she said. “But without widely available therapeutic testing for the coronavirus or rapid at-home testing versions that would allow people to test themselves daily, it seems unlikely that restrictions would be completely eased.”

The county’s stay-at-home order was extended last month through May 15. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that the state is giving counties the authority to loosen restrictions, like allowing shopping malls to reopen with curbside pickup.

Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the U.S., already has eased some restrictions by allowing golf courses, car dealerships and some retail shops to resume operations with certain rules in place, according to the newspaper. Hiking trails and beaches will reopen Wednesday with social distancing measures.

However, you won’t be allowed to sit or lie down on the sand and face masks will be required. What’s the point of being on the beach if you can’t sit or lie down on the sand?

What is truly terrifying in the county’s response to this crisis comes from Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“We’re not moving past COVID-19, we’re learning to live with it — and we will keep taking measured steps toward a new, safer reality in the days and weeks ahead,” Garcetti said.

The problem with this statement isn’t the “learning to live with it” part. It’s the “taking measured steps toward a new, safer reality” bit. What, exactly, does that mean? Are they seriously considering implementing some of these measures on a permanent basis? That sort of seems like what they are getting at.

Will hugs and parties forever be banned in LA? Isn’t that the whole reason people live there? The night life and all of that?

This is getting crazy, folks. Plain crazy.


Chelsea Clinton Wants Tucker Carlson Banned From Facebook (and She’s Making Up What He Said)

Continuing her tradition of saying stupid things, Chelsea wants Tucker Carlson banned from Facebook because of something he didn’t say.



Perhaps Chelsea Clinton does it just to get attention, and I feel bad for her in a way. After all, her mother never cared about anything more than becoming president, and her ex-President father wants to sleep with almost every woman within arm’s reach. It’s no surprise that he appointed Andrew Cuomo to his cabinet during his administration. On the other hand, one would think by now, a supposedly bright woman like Chelsea Clinton should realize that every time she says something stupid, she will be attacked by the part of America that doesn’t worship the Clinton name. Perhaps she isn’t really bright. Maybe her intelligence is just another fake story by the mainstream media. Her latest unAmerican act of stupidity is calling for Facebook to ban Tucker Carlson because of what she thinks he said about COVID Vaccines. Chelsea wants Tucker Carlson banned Chelsea Clinton regularly publicly supports the Facebook page of her father, Bubba Clinton, even though he has been accused of sexual harassment and rape by at least 15 women. But she wants the social media giant to ban the wildly popular Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, because she’s a vaccine advocate or something, and she falsely thinks Tucker was spreading disinformation about the vaccine. Hey Chelsea, based on Bubba’s history, I shudder to think what he may be spreading (STD?). Here’s what happened… During a Tuesday evening segment, Tucker Carlson spoke about the confusion “medical experts” have spread mixed messages about COVID from the very onset of the pandemic continuing through today. Unfortunately, the only video that I could find of Tucker’s Tuesday monologue does not have the remarks that Chelsea Clinton found objectionable, but you’ll get the context. Watch: It was just after this that Carlson said The Thing That Must Not Be Said,…

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Biden to Let More than 1.2 Million Illegals Into the Country This Year

According to a recent analysis, Biden’s disastrous border policy will have sent 1.2 million illegals to the U.S. border in this year alone.



According to a recent analysis, Biden’s disastrous border policy will have sent 1.2 million illegals to the U.S. border in this year alone. Princeton Policy Advisor Steven Kopits says that the numbers at the border will surge to the huge number this year according to his estimate. This massive flood of illegals is a result of Joe Biden’s dangerous border policy. The Kopits analysis comes in conjunction with a report by U.S. immigration officials of the arrest of roughly 170,000 illegal border crossers. More than 18,600 unaccompanied children, 53,000 family units, and 97,000 single adults are included in the numbers. “At the current pace, apprehensions for calendar year 2021 could be forecast at 1.2 million, following the precedents of 2005 and 2006,” Kopits stated. As a result, barring a major modification of Biden administration policy, we might expect a level of illegal immigration this year not seen since the Great Recession. The situation is fairly described as a border crisis and a rolling policy disaster. [Emphasis added] As Breitbart News reported: An AP-NORC poll released late last month revealed that the majority of Americans disapprove of the way Biden is handling the southern border and interior immigration enforcement. About 55 percent of American adults said they disapprove of Biden’s border agenda. and 56 percent said they disapprove of his immigration agenda thus far. Joe Biden fully intends to destroy this country by flooding the U.S. with criminal illegals filled with diseases and completely without skills in order to become good little Democrat voters who will continue to put Democrats in office to keep the flow of welfare coming. Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:

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