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Ohio High School Football Team Just Did Something Super Awesome for Bullied Boy

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Eight-year-old Taylan Orton is a huge football fan, having loved the sport from a very young age, which is why he was beyond excited to finally be able to sign up to play youth football.

However, the young man has cerebral palsy, and as such his first experience on the field was not at all a pleasant one. Orton was left in tears after being yelled at by coaches and berated by another kid on the team.

Orton’s mother, who informed the league about her son’s condition in advance, stated her son cried himself to sleep and repeatedly asked why he wasn’t good enough to play.

Wilmoth shared the heartbreaking experience in a Facebook post that went viral.

One of those moved by the post was a local football coach’s wife, Emily Buchman, who came up with an idea to lift Taylan’s spirits.

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On Wednesday, several Findlay High School football players surprised Taylan at lunch, invited him to join them on the sidelines for every home game this season, and presented him with a poster that said: “Taylan come hang out with us Friday nights”.

“Hey, do you wanna come hang with us on game days?” one of the players asked him.

Taylan said “Yeah” and screamed with excitement before they took a group photo.

Quarterback Tanner Rickle (12) told Fox News it was just amazing for their team to surprise Taylan at lunch. Teammates Steven Gerdemann (61), Parker Fetterman (3), Mitchell Taylor (29), and Grant Morman (24) were able to make the trip to Taylan’s school.

“Honestly it was just amazing! Just to see the look on his face,” Rickle said. “Football’s an amazing sport, and we’re all taught by our coaches, teachers, and families to do the right thing and that was just our one small opportunity to do that.”

Needless to say, Taylan is looking forward to getting back onto the football field, even if it is on the sidelines.

How amazing is this? It just goes to show you that, while it may seem like a good majority of young people are self-absorbed, not all of them think this way.

If the world had more acts of kindness like this one, if folks were just willing to take the time to think of another person above themselves, how much better would society be? It’s something so simple, so easy, yet so difficult to accomplish.

Kudos to this team of fine, young gentlemen.

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Source: Fox News

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