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Oklahoma Democrat Says 'No Way' to Debate, Has Something Else in Mind Instead

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An Oklahoma Democrat has stated that instead of a debate against his GOP opponent, he’d like to challenge him to a shooting competition.

Now, it seems to me this would be a very unwise decision, given the fact that the left is so militantly anti-gun that for someone in the Democratic Party to willingly pick up a gun and fire it, having confidence they could actually win a competition — which means they have shooting experience — could backfire on their political aspirations.

Tom Stites, a Democrat running for Oklahoma House District 2, has challenged Republican Jim Olsen to a shooting competition,

According to the Tulsa World, Stites doubts that Olsen “is a real gun guy,” claiming that Olsen is posturing himself as pro-firearm only because it is politically advantageous. The only solution to the problem, Stites believes, is for each candidate to show potential constituents their firearm proficiency.

“I believe it’s important for the voters of this county to know which of us is the real deal and which of us truly understands the awesome power of firearms, how to safely handle them, how to teach about them, and how to be a leader on this sacred constitutional right,” Stites explained in a video posted to his Facebook page.

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Stites also proposed each candidate use the competition to raise money for charity. If Stites won the competition, he pledged to donate money to Oklahomans for Life, a pro-life advocacy organization.

“Let’s let the gun owners of Sequoyah County see who is the most skilled, knowledgeable, and best choice to represent them on the Second Amendment,” Stites said. “It’s extremely rare when voters can have a real way to judge a candidate’s competency on a given subject. Let’s do it for them.”

A Democrat donate money to a pro-life organization? Come again? What manner of Democrat is this? Seriously.

This sounds like a really fun way to raise money for charity and get to know candidates in a much more relaxed, informal setting.

Unfortunately, Olsen declined the invitation, saying “We are not running to be the snidper of Sequoyah County, but we are running for state representative.”


That would’ve been fun to see.

Source: TheBlaze

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