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Olympic Worker Forces Skier Off-Course, Tainting Slalom Event

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It wasn’t going to take much to convince the world that holding the Olympics in China was a terrible idea, but little did we know that there’d be an embarrassment of riches in that particular department.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have been an abject disaster from the first whistle.  Not only is the world forced to awkwardly celebrate a nation that is actively involved in an actual genocide at this very moment, but any attempt to speak out against the horror could land athletes or journalists in some secret jail…or worse.

And there there have been the reports of athletes being treated inhumanely, and referees making blatant and controversial pro-China decisions.

The latest scandal to envelop the already-awful games comes to us from the slopes.

Bulgarian alpine skier Eva Vukadinova got a do-over in the women’s first slalom run at the Winter Olympics on Wednesday after a course worker got in her way. But on Instagram, she furiously groused that it was “not the same” and said she was “beyond disappointed.”

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“I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TODAY,” Vukadinova, 20, wrote after she was forced off the course by an Olympics worker who’d left a tool attached to a gate that marks the course.

That do-over was unsatisfactory for the medal-hopeful.

“Not when you have to ski down to the chair lift, go up, go down the start (with my race ski) and start almost immediately. Sure, I may be not a top level skier or fighting for the podium, but I also worked a lot to get here!!! Don’t I at least deserve the same CHANCE like everyone else?”

The Bulgarian competitor was able to put some sort of a spin on the incident some time later.

Vukadinova, who fractured a bone in her hand during Monday’s giant slalom, suggested Tuesday’s bungle “happened for a reason” and expressed gratitude that she hadn’t been injured.

“One thing is to be on course to fix something, other thing is to leave a heavy metal like that on the gate. And on top of that to pretend that it’s completely normal,” she wrote. “I am sad, really sad, but also happy and proud of myself that i was fighting till the end. I will also never get rid of the smile on my face, cause nothing can bring me down.”

This latest incident from Beijing has belied to the world, once again, that these Olympic Games will hold a very peculiar place in the pantheon of global sporting competitions.

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