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Omarosa Releases Video of Absolutely Nothing, Gets Subsequently Slammed on Twitter

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You’ve got to hand it to Omarosa, it’s actually pretty impressive she’s managed to keep herself in the news cycle when she has absolutely nothing substantial on which to share with the mainstream media.

Granted, said mainstream media is desperate to spin anything she says into anti-Trump slander, but they’d already be doing that anyway.

For her latest trick, Omarosa pulled out of her cache of inappropriate recordings of her time working for the Trump campaign and then the White House a video of Michael Cohen…doing absolutely nothing worthy of note whatsoever.

On the heels of Cohen’s guilty plea to fraud and campaign finance violations, Omarosa tried to join in on the media frenzy, but ended up getting slammed for the big, fat, nothingburger she released on Cohen.

On Hardball with Chris Matthews last night, viewers were decidedly disappointed when a clip Omarosa had of Michael Cohen boarding Trump’s plane turned out to be literally just that: a clip of Michael Cohen boarding Trump’s plane.

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Twitter was unimpressed:

Can we please stop listening to this lady?

She has been well-known for being completely unstable and borderline psychotic for as long as she’s been in the public eye, and it’s pretty pathetic that even the mainstream media would stoop as low as to give her a platform.

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Sometimes, it almost seems as if the real conspiracy against Trump is to bash him so much in the media that a frustrated public starts to think of him favorably.

Whether or not that’s the case, it’s definitely what’s happening.

And we sure as heck don’t trust the mainstream media either way.

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