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Omarosa's Close Friend Blows Massive Hole in Claim About Trump Using N-Word

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Omarosa has been the hot topic this week with her claim that President Donald Trump has used the N-word on a recording, along with the fact that, you know, she recorded conversations in the Situation Room, which is not only bad form, but could land her in serious legal trouble too.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, folks from the Clinton administration have stated that Omarosa, during her time working for Vice President Gore, was a horrible worker who never did her job competently.

Well, one of her friends is now blowing a huge hole in the story about her alleged recording.

At least one fact check, however, by a major insider in Trump-world has gone virtually unnoticed. This week, a longtime Trump-ally, administration official and personal friend of Omarosa, Lynne Patton, broke her silence on the alleged N-Word tape.

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Patton released a lengthy statement fact checking the claims made by Omarosa. In the document titled “Official Statement on Omarosa Manigault-Newman” Patton claims that Omarosa contacted her upon her termination at the White House claiming that a former producer on ‘The Apprentice,’ Bill Pruitt, had played her a recording of the president using the slur for her. Patton said she spoke with the producer who flatly denied having such a tape. Patton went on to call the claim of the president using the N-Word a “baseless accusation and imaginary audio tape, as falsely claimed by a former friend.”

“Like countless other minorities and women, the President has given me the opportunity of a lifetime to rise up through the ranks of The Trump Organization and now proudly serve this country,” Patton said, “Therefore, unless directed otherwise, this will be my only statement on this baseless accusation and imaginary audio tape, as falsely claimed by a former friend.”

You can find more of Patton’s letter here.

Could it really be that Omarosa is so desperate for attention that she would make all of this up, simply to get herself in the headlines and be the talk of the town? If that is true, how sick and twisted is she? This is likely the tip of the ice berg for how far out she might actually be. It certainly takes a certain kind of person to do something like this.

Let’s hope this mess gets straightened out soon and if her claims aren’t true, let’s pray she pays for her crimes.

Source: Daily Caller

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