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On What Seemed Like Another Ordinary Route, This Mailman Became A Hero

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The Bible tells us that God orders our steps. Anyone who still believes in coincidences just hasn’t encountered God’s miraculous hand in their lives.

For one mail carrier in North Carolina, what seemed like a delay in his route turned into God’s perfect timing.

Chris Petersen, who has served in the Postal Service for 32 years, was rushing to finish his Christmas Eve mail route in Cary, a town about 10 miles west of Raleigh.

Just moments after delivering a few parcels to a neighboring home, Petersen shared with Fox News that he heard shouting coming from another house on the street.

The shouting came from Pam Hodgin, who was crying out for help after her husband, Mike, had collapsed in their home.

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Petersen and two other neighbors sprang into action, running into the Hodgins’ home to assess the situation.

Mike was sprawled out on the kitchen floor, unconscious and not breathing. While fear of losing her precious husband began to grip Pam, Petersen immediately began performing CPR.

After about two minutes of Petersen administering the life-saving procedure, Mike gasped for breath and opened his eyes wide.

Emergency responders were soon at the scene, and it was determined that Mike had suffered from a sudden heart attack. If his wife hadn’t called for help at that very moment and if Petersen hadn’t been running late on his route, the Hodgins’ family holiday might have been a much darker time.

“My mother-in-law always says that everything happens for a reason,” Petersen shared with Fox News. “I was running late that day because I was meant to be there to help Mike. I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.”

“Chris is my hero,” Mike told Fox News, “and it is because of him I’m alive today to watch my grandsons grow and enjoy each new day.”

Praise God for his perfect timing! Never forget, God orders the steps of his children. The next time you find yourself running late, watch out, it might just be God setting you up to be a blessing in someone else’s life.

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