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One Day After Package Thieves Snatched His Kids’ Gifts, Florida Man is Blown Away By Church Family’s Generosity

A group of men, whom Rivera identifies only as his “church family”, arrived at his doorstep to drop off several large packages.



Noel Rivera of Riverview, Florida became one of many recent victims of so-called “porch pirates,” thieves who steal packages from their neighbors’ doorsteps. This time of year, many of these stolen packages are meant to be Christmas gifts, making their loss especially heartbreaking. A heartwarming turn in Rivera’s story, though, reminds us that the best things in life, even at Christmastime, aren’t things.

Rivera recounted the theft with shock, and a healthy dose of sarcasm, on his Facebook page in a post which has since gone viral.

In all, the thieves stole five packages full of gifts Rivera had bought for his children.

The brief video clip shows two women rapidly approaching the porch, grabbing the boxes, and happily realizing that they were boxes of “kids stuff”.

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“The video shows how excited they were when they realized it was kids clothes,” Rivera said in his post. “Hope they fit their kids because seems they may not have for Christmas. If they would have just asked I would have bought their kids even more than they stole.”

In just one day, though, God moved in the situation in a small, simple, and beautiful way. A group of men, whom Rivera identifies only as his “church family”, arrived at his doorstep to drop off several large packages.
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“Hey, listen,” one of the men says into Rivera’s security camera. “I hope your packages come back, but we just wanted to help you guys out.”
“25hrs [sic] exactly after 2 ladies thought it would be ok to steal Christmas presents from my front door, my church family shows up at my front door unannounced showing Christ’s love,” Rivera said of the incredible act of kindness.
It should also be noted that the thieves, identified as Briella Johnson, 20, and Kellie Larkee, 38, aren’t far from reaping the consequences of their actions. Johnson, according to WTSP, was arrested on charges of grand and petit theft. Larkee isn’t far behind, as Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies are getting a warrant for her arrest as well.
“Christ is the reason for the season,” Rivera concluded in his follow-up post. “These are the things that need to be remembered during this time and always.”
How right he is! Neither Rivera nor the two thieves truly need things to be satisfied this Christmas season. Rivera, however, was humbled and reminded through the love of his church family that Jesus is the greatest gift of all.
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