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Online Conspiracy Theorists Push 'Ritual Sacrifice' Angle in Music Festival Massacre

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On Saturday morning, a vast swath of the nation awoke to terribly tragic news out of Houston, Texas, where a number of concertgoers were killed and several more injured during Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival.

Scott, a hip hop artist known for his provocative imagery and reckless crowd control procedures, continued to play during the massacre that left at least 8 dead.

Those deaths have largely been attributed to the enormous crowd trampling and crushing one another, but a frightening new piece of evidence is now coming to light.

Police investigating a deadly crush that killed eight at a Travis Scott-headlined festival in Houston say a crazed man injected at least one person with opioids during the chaos.

Houston Chief of Police Troy Finner made the shocking claim at a press conference Saturday after hours of rumors about the Astroworld Fest tragedy, and Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner revealed the victims were aged between 14 and 27.

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‘One of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs. We do have a report of a security officer, according to the medical staff that was out and treated him last night,’ Houston Chief of Police Troy Finner said at Saturday’s conference.

‘He was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck.

‘He went unconscious, they administered Narcan. He was revived, and medical staff did notice a prick similar to a prick you would get if somebody was trying to inject,’ he added.

Furthermore, the imagery used by Scott, along with his seemingly uncaring attitude toward the chaos, had online conspiracy theorists fearing something supernatural was at work.

And while there is no actual evidence of this event being some sort of “ritual”, the theories being posited online will almost certainly continue to bolster the bizarre image that Scott has so willingly embraced.

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