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Op-Ed: As the Left Panics About Climate Change, We Are Witnessing a Much More Dangerous Transformation

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Every aberrant new ideology, in order to succeed, relies on the language of deception.

Wokeness, recently invented and now enforced by our governing progressive elites, is no exception.

What we are now being duped into calling “social inclusion” is leading tragically to an alarming social disintegration.

As in the ancient story of the Garden of Eden, attraction to novelty is exploited by the father of all lies. The recent fabrication of so-called “same-sex marriage” is even now mimicking and distorting the honorable age-old institution of marriage.

But our minds are so saturated with dire theories and fears of imminent climate change that we are distracted from real and present dangers. We fail to see that grave family change is already here and already wreaking terrible harm on our children.

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Natural family no longer protected by law

There is real irony in our propensity for self-deception. We pride ourselves on protecting the natural environment while at the same time we take up an axe to wilfully and wantonly destroy the natural social goods and norms inherent in our ordered sexuality and its vital relation to marriage and childbearing.

As the new ESG craze prioritizes environmental protection and prosecutes environmental violations, the conservation and protection of the natural family are being removed from the law. Proposed new laws like the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act are devoted to woke goals of limitless inclusion.

Radical new ideology decrees that nature’s timeless gifts of mothering and fathering are to be tampered with. Women are to be reconstructed as fathers, men as mothers. On government forms, they are now to be called Carer No. 1 and Carer No. 2.

But endless inclusion blocks necessary and legitimate exclusion — destroys family identity — just as open borders eventually destroy a nation and a national identity.

Manipulated morality

Word changes facilitating destructive family change are not only introduced but are now mandated by law and through manipulative methods of shaming and canceling. Pronouns oscillate with mere preference; “he” becomes “she, “his” becomes “her” and vice versa.

It seems that we’re all being encouraged to trample our principles to join the favored victim class with all its government-endowed compensations and freebies.

Expanded government provides for the alleviation of personal and moral responsibilities. Government welfare programs encourage unlimited dependence, taking away the incentive to work and resulting in a record number of workforce dropouts.

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The regrettable sequel to the Democrats’ winning politics of rewarding adopted victimhood is a dramatic increase in broken families. Dysfunction has become the new normal.

Messing with creation

Marriage is the oldest natural institution in the world — older than governments, older than legal institutions. Marriage is a natural good. The ideological invention of same-sex marriage is a distortion of that good.

The true meaning of marriage and family is being experimentally reconstructed to integrate so many variations that the disintegration of the original meaning is the result. The concept of marriage and family has been fraudulently extended until it has become almost meaningless in its disfigurement.

A good marriage is a thing of beauty — a force for good. It is the most natural thing in the world for women to mother their children and for men to father their children.

As husbands and wives, we fulfill our natural desire and commitment to raise our children together. We accept our duty to protect, respect and be faithful to each other, to love, honor and take good care of our children, and in their innocence and utter vulnerability to be ready even to lay down our lives for them.

There can be no good in the programmed destruction of natural family norms. Messing about with marriage is like taking an eye from the Mona Lisa and replacing it with an ear.

Sadly, family change is already here, its damage already measurable. For example, among black women in the United States today ages 24 and under, the non-marital birth rate is 91 percent.

Family change — a real and present danger

Duty obliges us to protect our children from each new aberrant ideology.

This duty is flouted in the recklessness of the progressives as they trash social prudence in removing protections for children. “Prudence,” said Aristotle, “is the charioteer of the other virtues.”

With utter imprudence, we are being instructed to call girls who have psychologically disordered feelings “boys,” while boys who have psychologically disordered feelings are to be called “girls.” Careless doctors prescribe confused children cross-sex hormones and harmful puberty blockers.

Confused young girls in a painful effort to be remade into males are being surgically and chemically mutilated. Confused young boys in a pitiable effort to be remade as females are subjected to chemical and surgical castration, artificial breast implantation and penile inversion surgery.

Woke language being taught at school and on screens lauds and supports the new agenda for bewildered and hurting children.

A pyrrhic victory?

At a time when we are so passionate to conserve our earth’s natural environment, we are at the same time crazily determined to alter and destroy the natural protective social environment of marriage and the family. We are foolishly caught up in the novelty of an open policy on marriage and the artificial acquisition of children.

Even if we could stop the world’s climate from changing, what would be the point if we at the same time destroyed our very humanity?

Please, Father, forgive us… for we really don’t know what we’re doing.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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