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Op-Ed: Scripture's Clear and Convincing Case Crushes Any Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

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The Supreme Court’s recent ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade has paved the way for the high court to question the legitimacy of its similarly overreaching decisions. D.C. insiders know that one of those rulings ripe for being overturned is on same-sex marriage.

In response to the vulnerability of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision, the House of Representatives is attempting to rush legislation to make same-sex marriage the law of the land. News stories imply that secular archaeologists are even trying to help out the cause, suggesting that ancient human fossil evidence supports transgenderism!

But what does the highest authority in the universe have to say about this matter — that authority being God Almighty as revealed in his Word?

Before examining several pertinent biblical passages that provide the irrefutable and convincing clarity that negates same-sex marriage, the issue of who, according to the Bible, is qualified to speak authoritatively about the Bible should be addressed.

The Scriptures are clear: God sets the standard for those who are approved to teach his Word. These God-appointed teachers, called overseers, are identifiable by specific characteristics to indicate those whom he has chosen as his mouthpieces — men who are set apart by him to teach, herald and preach his Word. The Bible is unambiguous: No one else is qualified to speak for him.

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Too often on the Hill (and in various state capitols across America), non-believing public servants arrange for illegitimate “Bible spokespersons” to proffer testimonies (which amount to their personal opinions) in subcommittees. The same is true on talk shows and various other media.

But according to God’s Word, such people do not speak for him. One of the pertinent passages that contain the authentications of a spokesman of God is 1 Timothy 3:2. Therein the Apostle Paul instructs his understudy, Timothy, who has just entered his pastorate, on how to choose leaders in the church who possess God’s stamp of approval. Paul states, “An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach.”

A legitimate spokesman for God, an overseer (episkopos or pastor-teacher, cf. Ephesians 4:11-12), will be one who, among other qualifiers, is the husband of one wife (literally, “a male who is a one-woman man”). A legitimate spokesman for God must believe in male-female marriage to begin with. Put plainly, a supposed member of the clergy who does not believe in male-female marriage is not qualified to speak on marriage!

1 Timothy 3 (and Titus 1) serve to filter out illegitimate spokesmen for God and his Word, so don’t listen to what these counterfeit representatives might espouse! Pseudo-Christian pastors are not qualified in God’s eyes to speak on the subject! If you know the Word, you will quickly ascertain that their arguments are specious.

Do you believe God approves of same-sex marriage?

I wrote a Bible study that elaborates on the existence of Satan’s pawns — false teachers — whose singular intent, per the insight of Scripture, is to mislead believers. The Scriptures shout about false teachers — and there are many — who attempt to legitimize same-sex marriage.

I am cautioning you to carefully consider the lifestyle characteristics of those who claim to be God’s representatives on homosexuality and gay marriage. Naïve is the one who listens to the divergent views of false teachers. The Bible is clear and convincing and does not contradict itself on the matter; it provides one viewpoint throughout all its 66 books!

It stands to reason that the biggest threat to a clear understanding that the Scriptures negate same-sex marriage is not secular dissension. It is clerical duplicity. Don’t be fooled.

This week’s Bible study exposits the main passages in the Bible that proponents of homosexuality contort and twist to support same-sex marriage. One need not look very far into Scripture to learn of God’s singular definition of marriage and his subsequent sweeping disapproval of same-sex marriage.

To the point, in no way is God’s Word pro-LGBT. Only a Scripture-twister could reason otherwise.

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Years ago, a legislator challenged me on my understanding of the exclusivity of Scripture regarding this subject. He suggested at a Bible study I was leading in the California Capitol that the Scriptures propounded something different from what he thought was my biased, personal viewpoint. He asked if he could present a Bible study the following week on God’s supposed approval of same-sex marriage and homosexuality. No such study ever materialized. The fact is, he couldn’t produce one.

In my scriptural work-up on same-sex marriage, I provide the LGBT community’s positions on various pertinent passages (I think that is only fair). But doing so serves to further uncover their specious arguments.

By way of introducing the perspicuous distinctiveness of God’s mind, notice the following: In addition to the narrative of Adam and Eve, who are specifically identified as husband and wife in Genesis 2:24 (cf. 1:27), Proverbs 12:4a underscores God’s testimony regarding his design and definition of marriage. “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.” As in English, the Hebrew words used in these ancient manuscripts are unmistakably clear: Wife (ishshah) means “female,” and the word for husband (baal) means “male.”

In one sense, I need not argue further. But Scripture is replete and unswerving in this regard, and this Bible study goes deep.

Don’t be fooled; know your Bible on this matter! All societies that diverge from male-female marriage do so at their own peril. Same-sex marriage is not God’s design. Rather, it is human folly. And it leads to an overall dysfunctional society like we are now experiencing.

For deeper insight, read the full Bible study, “Scripture’s Clear and Convincing Case Crushes the Same-Sex Marriage Debate,” as taught in our weekly House, Senate and former White House Cabinet member D.C. Bible studies.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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