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OPINION: The True Reason So Many Belittle “Thoughts and Prayers” in the Face of Tragedy

The moment we abandon thoughts and prayers is the moment we can no longer govern civilly or decently.



It has become en vogue to question and belittle the “thoughts and prayers” offered after a mass shooting.

This is specifically after a mass shooting, mind you.

When public figures offer “thoughts and prayers” in the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane or to the family of someone who has passed from sickness or a horrific accident, no one questions said “thoughts and prayers.”

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The doubt that is cast on words as well-meaning and innocent as “I’m sorry for your lost” is specific only to those offering these words of compassion and kidness to those affected by a high-profile mass shooting.

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The reason why takes no guesswork: it is because, rather than “thoughts and prayers,” many public figures would much prefer that the attitude was instead “ban all guns.”

For some reason, these people, apparently so impassioned as they are at more horrific loss at the hands of a crazed mass murderer that just so happens to be armed with a semi-automatic “assault” rifle, forget to spend any time pondering how effective their messaging is when they bulldoze over such a simple expression of humanity as offering thoughts and prayers for those most severely impacted by a mass shooting.

We could get into the details of how ill-informed the anti-gun left is, but what’s going on here strikes much deeper than debates over policy, gun crime statistics, and the constitution.

It strikes at the core of the soul of our culture, that is, one that has grown so coldly atheistic that the state has surpassed the heavenly ruler of the universe in whom we find comfort when the ugliest side of humanity rears its ugly head.

“Worldviews have consequences,” writes Dan Andros of Faithwire. “A worldview that excludes God leaves a massive void, and people naturally look to someone other than Him as their ultimate authority. And when people look to fallible humans (and bureaucratic systems made up of fallible humans) it’s a recipe for disaster.”

He explains that more and more people are filling that void with popular pundits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who because the latest high-profile leftist to question “thoughts and prayers” with no apparent knowledge of the policy factors involved in the deadly New Zealand mosque massacre.

AOC is not known for her intelligence, but rather the kind of demagoguery that feeds people what they want to hear as a thinly veiled attempt to give the state more power.

A state in whom they trust their faith rather than a God.

AOC is showing not only her extreme ignorance in…well, just about everything (is she suggesting we ban guns worldwide? Global dictator aspirations much?), but particularly theology.

We do not offer thoughts and prayers because we are waiting for a God that rewards materially to wave his magic Jesus wand and answer our prayers.

We offer thoughts to reinforce our humanity, the extreme compassion human beings have for one another when facing the unthinkable loss of a loved one. We offer prayers so that the God of comfort will comfort those in pain. So that those most deeply affected by the tragedy might find peace, might make some sort of spiritual sense of it all and find the strength to go on.

The moment we abandon thoughts and prayers is the moment we can no longer govern civilly or decently. And we sadly might already be beyond that point.

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AOC Admits It On Live TV — Impeachment Is to ‘Prevent’ Trump From Winning Re-Election (Watch)

Sounds about right.

John Salvatore



In case you haven’t heard, Bernie Sanders said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be a key part of his administration if he gets to the White House. Just something for you to keep in mind and share with every single person you come into contact with. That alone should be enough to end his candidacy. Now, to this story. AOC just admitted what all conservatives have been thinking for quite some time. The impeachment fiasco surrounding President Trump is happening in order to “prevent” him from winning re-election. It’s really that simple. From Breitbart: On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said today’s public hearing in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump was ”not just about something that has occurred.” She said it was instead “about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.” She stated, “We also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections. And so this is not just about something that has occurred; this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.” WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez says that Democrats’ push for impeaching Trump is about uniting the different factions of the Democrat Party, adding: “this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.” You have to give credit where it’s due, regardless of political ideology. Democrats struggle with even that simple concept. For example, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would absolutely still be alive today were it not for Trump giving the order to take him down. That’s just a fact. It’s simple. And yet, 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are refusing to acknowledge Trump’s actions. And what does this do for ’em besides make them appear even more petty? Who does PR for these people? Abu Bakr al…

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How is that even possible?

John Salvatore



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