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Oregon Judge Gives Ruling About Boys Sharing Locker Room With Transgender Student and It's Not Good

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A federal judge in the state of Oregon has ruled in favor of a transgender girl who thinks she’s a boy, stating that the high school the student attends must be allowed in their bathrooms and locker room.

As if the insanity of the left hadn’t yet reached it’s peak, along comes this judge to actually back up the expression of a mental illness that violates the rights and beliefs of every other student at this school. Unbelievable.

In a lawsuit filed by parents and students at a high school in Dallas, Oregon, the plaintiffs stated that the boys felt “embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, intimidation, fear, apprehension, and stress produced by using the restroom with students of the opposite sex.”

But U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez ruled “high school students do not have a fundamental privacy right to not share school restrooms, lockers, and showers with transgender students whose biological sex is different than theirs.” He wrote that the stress the boys felt was not “comparable to the plight of transgender students who are not allowed to use facilities consistent with their gender identity.”

The transgender boy in question is Elliot Yoder, who had been using a gender-neutral bathroom before gym, but Yoder wanted to use the boys locker room to change clothes because the gender-neutral bathroom was two floors away from the gym.

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Brook Shelley of Basic Rights Oregon said, “We are thrilled with the judge’s decision.”

So apparently, we now live in a culture that no longer thinks it’s strange, bizarre, or worrisome that folks can freely deny scientific facts — such a person’s gender which is genetically determined and cannot be altered — and basically be whatever their imagination comes up with.

And yet these same individuals claim Christians are the crazy ones? Seriously?

Supporters of this nonsense are creating a protected class of individuals in the LGBTQ — soon the whole alphabet will be part of this little acronym — which essentially guarantees them extra rights that do not exist already for the majority of citizens. In other words, the left elevates one group and subjugates another.

The irony here is astounding.

Source: Daily Wire

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