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OSHA Sets Deadline for Private Business Vaccine Mandate

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Of all of the controversial things that have come out of the Biden White House of late, perhaps the most frustrating has been the push for a vaccine mandate within private businesses.

A federal government mandate?  Sure, that’s something that appears to be well within the scope of the Biden administration.  But a blanket mandate that affects small and large businesses alike, that won’t even be debated by our Congress, feels far more dictatorial and arbitrary than any of the attitudes of our Constitutional ethos.

Still, the Biden administration pushes on.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is giving employers with more than 100 employees a Jan. 4 deadline to comply with President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate and threatening thousands of dollars in fines for defiant businesses, according to a fact sheet released by the White House Thursday.

The OSHA rule is expected to be immediately challenged in court by Republican states and some business groups.

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Separate from OSHA, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is issuing a rule to require health care workers in facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid be fully vaccinated. The CMS rule will also go into effect Jan. 4 and will cover more than 17 million workers at approximately 76,000 health care facilities nationwide.

Unlike the OSHA rule, the CMS rule affecting health care workers does not allow for a testing alternative to vaccination. The CMS rule does allow for medical and religious exemptions.

The deadline is sure to spark yet another round of debate over the constitutionality of blanket health mandates and bodily sovereignty here in the United States.

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