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Ozzy Osbourne Completely Changes His Tune on Moving Back to UK

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This “Crazy Train” is having second thoughts about departing an American station for a British one.

Rock and metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has changed his tune about leaving the United States for his birth country, the United Kingdom.

Osbourne had suggested he wanted to leave California for England in August, citing gun violence and a declining quality of life in his adopted country.

“Everything’s f****** ridiculous there,” Osbourne said of American life in an interview with The Guardian.

“I’m fed up with people getting killed every day. God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there was that mass shooting in Vegas at that concert… It’s f******g crazy.”

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He’s since changed his tune about the idea, although he’s still planning a move with his wife Sharon Osbourne before the end of the year, stating as such in an interview with Consequence earlier this month.

“I’m American now… To be honest with you, I don’t want to go back. F*** that,” the musician said of his previous plan in the interview.

“To be honest with you, if I had my way, I’d stay in America,” Ozzy described, although the move is still going forward.

Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne is pointing to the decline of California as the driving force in their return to England.

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California is not what it once was,” Sharon Osbourne explained to Consequence.

Ozzy’s wife of 40 years has seen the quality of life in the Democrat-dominated state significantly erode.

“When I first came here, I thought I was in heaven,” Sharon said of the state.

“In the ‘70s, if you loved music, this was the place to be. It’s not that hub anymore. It’s not exciting anymore. It hasn’t gone sideways, it’s gone down. It’s not a fun place to live.”

The 73-year-old rock star and his wife are far from the only couple to be driven out of California.

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The state recorded its first decline in population ever in 2020, with out-of-state migration playing a major role in the loss of residents.

“It’s dangerous here. Every big city’s got crime, but I don’t feel safe here. Neither does Ozzy,” Sharon Osbourne revealed.

As the original vocalist of Black Sabbath, Osbourne was vital in the birth of heavy metal, appearing on several of the first records pioneering the music style.

Ozzy continued a solo career in music after leaving Black Sabbath, selling more than 100 million records over the course of a career that has established him as one of heavy metal’s all-time greats.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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