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Parade Shooter's Father Maintains Innocence, but Behavioral History Shows Signs of Trouble

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The warning signs were all there for Bobby Crimo, the young man who has now confessed to opening fire on a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Crimo has killed 7 people thus far, with several more still in critical condition at area hospitals.  The tortured young man also drove to Madison, Wisconsin in the immediate aftermath of the massacre with the intent of committing another atrocity.  Something led him away from that second dastardly plot, thankfully.

Now that the investigation into Crimo’s history has hit the mainstream, there are some serious questions about the behavior he demonstrated prior to the rampage, and whether or not his parents responded to that behavior in a safe and appropriate way.

The dad of the accused Fourth of July parade killer told The Post on Wednesday that his son talked about a mass shooting in Denmark the night before allegedly launching his own massacre — and the dad washed his hands of any guilt over how the suspect got his gun.

The father, Robert Crimo Jr. — who has tapped one of R. Kelly’s lawyers to battle claims that he helped his mentally disturbed kid buy guns — said that the night before Monday’s shooting, he and son Robert Crimo III discussed the 22-year-old Danish man who shot and killed three people at a mall outside Copenhagen on Sunday.

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Here is where it gets a bit worrisome for the father.

On Tuesday, Steven Greenberg, who previously represented R. Kelly in the fallen singing superstar’s federal sex-trafficking case out of Brooklyn, announced that Crimo Jr. and his estranged wife, Denise, had retained him in the wake of their son’s arrest.

The father, a onetime local mayoral candidate who used to run a neighborhood sandwich shop, has faced a wave of criticism for sponsoring his son’s gun license application, which allowed Crimo III to buy four guns, including his alleged slay weapon, before age 21.

The dad sponsored the application three months after his son was labeled a “clear and present danger” by authorities for threatening to kill relatives in 2019.

Crimo confessed to local police after being apprehended just hours after the shooting.


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