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Parents Publicly Plead with Boyfriend of Missing Daughter

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The nation has been gripped by a strange and potentially tragic story about a couple, their cross-country road trip, and now a mission young woman.

Gabby Petito was traveling from coast to coast across America, chronicling her “vanning” lifestyle on social media, all with her partner Brian Laundrie.  At some point during the trip, Gabby stopped posting and Brian came back home.

And that’s all we really know.  Brian, on the advice of his lawyers, is not cooperating with police or Gibby’s family.

Now, her parents are publicly pleading with Brian for help in bringing their daughter home.

Gabby Petito’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, called out his stepdaughter’s fiancé for not cooperating with authorities or assisting the investigation.

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“You say she’s the love of your life. She’s missing. You were on a trip with her, but you have no comment. You have nothing to say and you’re hiding behind an attorney,” he told Fox News on Thursday.

“I understand the constitutional rights that people have, but you have pieces to this puzzle that we need to find Gabby and you’re withholding them from us.”

Police have revealed that the two were in contact with police during their trip, after a domestic argument resulted in a call to local law enforcement.

The silence of Laundrie has been a sharply criticized decision, and many around the country find the choice to be a vile one.


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