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Paris Riots Spiral Out of Control, Described as "War Like"

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France, a country known as the birthplace of democracy, is watching its capital burn this week as destructive riots continued to rock Paris.

These riots began as protests against French President Emannuel Macron’s proposed fuel tax hike, a policy that Macron has since rescinded to no avail.

The French people feel oppressed by the ruling class, an entity embodied far too easily by the smooth and calculated Macron.  Even his capitulation in regard to the fuel tax couldn’t save his approval rating from slipping into the teens this week.

Now, as the protests have become full-fledged battles between citizens and authorities, those on the ground in Paris are describing the action in grim terms.

Heavily armed French police deployed tear gas and stun grenades against an army of Yellow Vests gathered in central Paris demanding Emmanuel Macron’s head.

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Up to 5,000 demonstrators gathered in the center of Paris Saturday morning, where they were met by some 8,000 police officers and at least 12 armored vehicles. More than 700 people have been arrested.

The police have been forced to employ enhanced crowd control tactics.

French police, wearing riot gear, tried to stop and search protesters entering the Champs Elysees, but such efforts were eventually abandoned with the flow of thousands of demonstrators.

Police deployed tear gas and stun grenades after getting cornered, with some agitators starting to throw plastic bottles.

Water cannons were used near Arc de Triomphe, which is safeguarded this weekend after protesters defaced it during the previous weekends.

French citizens have been working to fight their portrayal as anarchists by the mainstream media, reiterating that they are indeed just concerned citizens democratically protesting.


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