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Parkland Victim's Father Delivers Harsh Rebuke to Dad Who Approached Kavanaugh for Handshake

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The mainstream media collectively lost its ever-loving mind on Tuesday after Fred Guttenberg, the father of a 14-year-old girl who was shot and killed during the Parkland school shooting, claimed that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh refused to shake his hand.

The story, as it turns out, wasn’t true.

However, it seems the media ignored another father of a slain daughter in the shooting, Andrew Pollack.

In case you missed it, the orchestrated event was intended to capture the spotlight, as Guttenberg announced the day before that he would be at the hearing.

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Guttenberg was there after Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) invited him.

But Pollack said that Feinstein and the media were simply grandstanding over the deaths of innocent children.

“Certain politicians like @SenFeinstein and the media never miss out on a chance to use the deaths of the innocent victims of the Parkland school shooting. Truly pathetic and disgraceful. What is wrong with these people?” he wrote on Twitter.

It’s gross and disgusting to see how the left manipulates people and seeks to strip them of their dignity by parading them out in front of cameras, all to push their own sick and twisted agenda.

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Someone’s murder should never be used as political fodder, yet that’s exactly what happens every time there’s a shooting like this. There’s no real talk of honest solutions, just political grandstanding and lots of publicity to help politicians get elected to office.

When will these people wake up?

Source: Daily Wire

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