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Pastor Asks Folks to Pray for Trump on Podcast. iTunes Response is Deplorable.

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We all know that companies like Apple, who are run by raging leftists, absolutely hate, no despise, nah, loathe entirely, anything and everything to do with Christianity, conservatism, and President Trump.

Which might explain iTunes’ decision to demote a Christian pastor’s podcast in their rankings after he asked folks to pray for the president. He more or less checks off all the aforementioned boxes.

Pastor James McDonald’s podcast, “Walk in the Word” was dropped from the Top 25 chart just 24 hours after posting a prayer for Trump on his Facebook page. Welcome to the 21st century, y’all.

“In the past the podcast had never dipped below the Top 40, within 24 hours it wasn’t even making the Top 200,” reports CBN

The word “shadowbanning” has been the common buzzword lately with the liberal publication VICE admitting that Twitter hinders conservative speech behind closed doors.

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Speaking with CBN, MacDonald said that he wasn’t “Donald Trump’s biggest fan,” only that he found the administration “worthy of our gratitude and prayerful support.”

Dan Sumpter, global creative director of Harvest Church, says the sudden drop of MacDonald’s podcast looks oddly suspicious.

“Over the course of analyzing this strange change, someone brought to our attention that the change correlated almost exactly with a Facebook post made by Pastor James calling for Christians to pray for the President as he selected his nominee to replace Justice Kennedy,” said Sumpter.

“We saw no material change in our data on the back end. And, in fact, some of our most important numbers have been higher. Nothing has declined. It seems more likely that there’s something going on here that only Apple can answer.”

Facebook seems to be refusing to answer Pastor MacDonald’s request for an explanation, which in and of itself speaks volumes about the shenanigans going on over there on the world’s largest disseminator of information.

And that’s precisely what they are. They are not just a “social network” for reconnecting with old friends. They left that arena long ago.

Hopefully this pastor gets the situation straightened out and folks will once again be able to benefit from his work.

Source: Daily Wire

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