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Paul Pelosi Makes Enormous, Conveniently-Timed Stock Market Move

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When it comes to electing public servants, Americans are really fairly lenient when it comes to behavior.  We understand that a little connivery can go a long way, and we just hope that our elected officials are doing enough for us that we don’t notice all that they are doing for themselves.

But no.  For decades, congressional lawmakers have abused their offices, enriched themselves and their loved ones, and built a club within a club, high atop an ivory tower, passing silver spoons and opportunities only to those who’ve patted their backs along the way.

This week brought yet another example of this contemptible behavior to the news cycle, as the husband of the House Speaker magically avoid a major market meltdown.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., dodged an extra 20% loss by selling his Nvidia stock in July before the U.S. placed restrictions on the company in August, according to documents.

According to congressional stock trade records, Pelosi’s husband unloaded 25,000 shares of the semiconductor manufacturer July 27.

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The sale came as the speaker faced intense scrutiny over her husband’s purchase of the share ahead of the CHIPS bill.

Nearly a month later, on Aug. 26, the federal government placed restrictions on Nvidia doing business with China and Russia.

The move saved the Pelosi family a hefty sum on a stock they had already been losing with.

At a selling price of $165.05, the July sale netted the Pelosis a $341,365 loss, according to financial website Unusual Whales.

The move is just the latest peculiar stock move by the well-connected Pelosi family, and without major reform to the way we treat stock-holding public servants, it is doubtful that it’s the last.

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