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Pearls of Wisdom - Older Generation Sets Up 'Wisdom Booth', Offering Advice to Adults Under 40

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With many young people struggling in the modern world, a group of U.K. nursing homes has launched “Wisdom Booths” — an initiative seeking to connect younger generations with seniors who can pass along some sage advice.

“Older people have so much to offer the younger generations, and it’s lovely to know they are willing to listen,” said Alison Parry, who manages a nursing home at Care UK, according to The Sun.

She added, “Each day we hear the pearls of wisdom that residents have to share — I’ve learnt so much from them and I know the rest of the team have too!”

Adults under 40 were invited to speak with several seniors at the Millers Grange care home who offered them advice on love, work, happiness and more.

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A 95-year-old woman by the name of Jean told a young girl to “quit worrying” and reminded her that “life’s too short.”

“Take each day as it comes and just do your best, do what you want to do,” Jean said.

On the topic of romance, 89-year-old Ron Hayes pointed to hygiene and “keeping yourself clean.”

Learning to “give and take” was an important note from Jean.

Have you ever ignored advice from an elder that you wish you'd heeded?

Asked about “the secret to living a happy life,” Hayes suggested avoiding drama. “Don’t get into trouble if you can help it and don’t poke your nose into other people’s business,” Hayes said.

John Richards, 94, offered some humor, saying with a chuckle, “Just do the opposite of what you see me do.”

He added, “Keep smiling I suppose, it’s the best catchphrase I could offer.”

“When you see people who are miserable, sort of talk to them and then try and get them to love,” Theo Howells said, 97, noting the importance of laughter.

Care UK is planning on growing the Wisdom Booths project to reach many more nursing homes.

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Residents at Care UK’s Dashwood Manor, located in Basingstoke, are currently working on a book with advice on a range of topics. “Between all residents living at the home, they will have over 5,000 years’ worth of wisdom to share,” Care UK noted.

As The Sun reported, Care UK also commissioned a survey asking people about the advice they’ve received in life. The study, conducted by OnePoll, surveyed 2,000 adults.

Among their findings, 89 percent of those polled said they have acted on the advice they’ve been given in life and 35 percent have found it very useful. Fifty-two percent wish they’d taken heed to the advice earlier in life.

The areas where people sought the most direction were finance (35 percent), health (24 percent) and car issues (23 percent).

People were most thankful to their elders for what they were taught in regard to manners (38 percent), money management (29 percent) and attitudes to work (29 percent).

There were several pieces of advice that many saw as “old-fashioned,” including “let the man pay on the first date,” “sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyesight” and “don’t leave the house with wet hair.”

Six in 10 people plan on making up their own “pearls of wisdom” to teach their own children.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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