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Pelosi Gets Verbally Eviscerated by former ICE Chief on Border Wall Banter

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With the US government nearing the end of its first week of inactivity, the pundits, politicos, and pontificators are out in full force.

The mainstream media is chock-full of talking heads this week, hellbent on the idea of shifting the blame for the government shutdown to their political nemeses.  CNN and the rest of the left leaning congregation are attempting to land a huge right hook to the figurative jaw of the President, blaming his stubbornness on the border wall’s inclusion in the spending bill as the chasm needing crossing.

In reality, however, the fight is between the democrats and the American people, who elected this President largely based on his promise of bringing the wall to fruition.  The democrats are looking to win the border battle at the risk of losing their war for relevancy with We The People.

After all, even if they act as though they are the ruling class, these democratic dunces are still public servants.

Nancy Pelosi has been leading the charge against President Trump’s citizen-endorsed border wall as of late, with the help of fellow liberal Chuck Schumer.  Now, Pelosi is getting an earful of reality from the former chief of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement over her lack of understanding on the subject.

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Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan on Wednesday blasted House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi for calling a border wall ineffective and accusing President Trump of “fear mongering” with the illegal immigration issue.

“Every place a wall or barrier has been built, it has resulted in decreased illegal immigration, decreased drug smuggling. One hundred percent of the time, it has proven effective,” Mr. Homan said on Fox News, where he is a contributor.

“Look at the rest of the data on the border, where arrests of MS-13 [gang] this year are up 118 percent, the seizures of guns — for God’s sake — are up almost 200 percent. There’s your data. Look at it. You can see why we need a wall,” he said.

Mr. Homan, a veteran of the Border Patrol agent and investigator for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Mr. Trump was “doing the right thing” in shutting down the government in a fight with Democrats over funding a wall or barrier on the border with Mexico.

With a week of government shutdown nearly complete, the President has again indicated that he will not budge on his border wall requirement simply in order to get the government running again.

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