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Pelosi Implies the Undocumented Should Receive Guaranteed Income In Next Relief Bill

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The Speaker of the House should always put Americans first. She doesn’t, though. Instead, Nancy Pelosi, like all liberals, believes illegal immigrants deserve all the same benefits as citizens.

Here’s the latest from the California Democrat, via The Daily Wire:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday said that the next coronavirus relief package should provide guaranteed monthly income to illegal immigrants with tax ID numbers if such a plan is included.


When Pelosi made the statement about guaranteed minimum income, she didn’t specify an amount to be considered by congress. On the conference call Friday, [Reporter Nicholas] Ballasy asked if that guaranteed income “would extend the guaranteed monthly income to illegal immigrants who file taxes with tax ID numbers.”

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Pelosi responded: “I think the tax ID number is an entree for us in such an important way. It seems so simple. It seems so universal in how it has worked and that should be something that would apply.”




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