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PELOSI AGAIN?! New Clues Emerge on Speaker's Future

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For many voters, it feels as though the “old guard” of American politics just won’t let go.  They’re clinging to the etiquette of the Reagan era, while trying to reason with new public servants who would have been regarded as “whippersnappers” had they not been encountered in the chambers of Congress.

It’s the ugly and unfortunate truth in a quasi-industry that essentially runs on relationships, turning each and every handshake into a quantifiable integer.  The longer you’re in the game, the more skin you’ll have in it.

And so, at this moment in time when neither party seems to truly be embracing the younger, more enthusiastic vestiges of themselves, it seems ludicrous that Nancy Pelosi would consider herself a candidate for speaker.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday her congressional colleagues are encouraging her to run for another term as Democratic leader.

Why it matters: The comment is the starkest indication yet that Pelosi is mulling another run for the position she’s held variably as speaker and minority leader for nearly two decades.

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What exactly did she say?

In a CNN “State of the Union” interview, Pelosi said “of course” she will make a decision about re-election to the position before the Democrats’ leadership elections on Nov. 30.

“People are campaigning, and that’s a beautiful thing, and I’m not asking anyone for anything,” Pelosi said, “My members are asking me to consider doing that.”
“Let’s just get through the [2022 midterm] election,” she added.

Pelosi’s intense and un-ignorable political windfalls have long suggested an air of invincibility for the California Democrat, but this may be jumping the shark.

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