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Pelosi Receives Invite from Border Town Mothers Who Say Wall is NECESSARY

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There are plenty of occasions where a politician or celebrity is right to ignore a single voice in a crowd, or even a small faction devotees…but this is not one of those times.

Especially true in the age of social media is the fact that you have to learn to choose your battles.  Any number of people can “contact” any number of famous faces.  Celebrities, more often than not, don’t deal directly with obsessive fans until they absolutely have to, such as in the case of numerous Hollywood stalkers.

But the same doesn’t hold true for politicians.  These are elected officials, technically public servants, and they should do their damnedest in order to hear from those who elected them.  (That’s us).

Nancy Pelosi has been offered an opportunity to personally meet with a group of women in Texas who want to give the House Speaker a tour of their town.

A group of women whose husbands patrol America’s southern border along the banks of the Rio Grande are inviting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come to Texas so she can see first-hand why a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico is desperately needed.

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“We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/boyfriends/fiances/wives/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness!” Jill Demanski wrote in the letter posted on Facebook.

Demanski added: “We’d also appreciate if you’d stop pretending that you care about federal workers. If you did, you would care for their safety, not just their paychecks. We can hold out a while longer if it means our husbands and communities are safer.”

Pelosi could end up with much more than just a simple tour, however.

Demanski said if Pelosi sees the letter and agrees to visit, she hopes the California Democrat will do a ride-along with border agents to see the day-to-day experiences of those on the front lines of the border issue.

“Border patrol and our agents and experts here have been asking for [the wall] for years,” she said. “Now we have a president who has come here and seen first-hand the need and has had our backs.”

There has been no official response from Nancy Pelosi as of this writing.


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