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Pelosi Turns on Biden? Latest Comments on 2024 are ASTOUNDING

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The Democratic Party is in a bit of a bind, and you can begin to see the more experienced among them slowly slipping toward the exits.

President Joe Biden, who was advertised as a “return to normalcy” among liberals who despised Donald Trump’s results-first style of governance, has now been caught up in a very timely and telling scandal.  His improper storage of classified documents at a number of his properties has exposed his potential as a national security risk and reinvigorated concerns about his foreign influence peddling schemes.

With the far left side of the Democratic Party already souring on the idea of a 2024 reelection campaign for Biden based solely on his age and his mundane centrism, this latest scandal has some of his staunchest supporters softening on the possibility.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during an exhaustive interview with the New York Times that she believes there are “other great candidates” outside of President Joe Biden who could challenge and defeat former President Donald Trump in 2024.

When asked about President Biden, Pelosi spoke highly of him, asserting that he has “done a great job” in office. However, she said it will ultimately be up to him to choose to run again in 2024, which could very well pit him against Trump yet again.

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“Is age a positive thing for him? No,” the 82-year-old congresswoman said of 80-year-old Biden, adding that age is “a relative thing.” She also said she believes first lady Jill Biden is “ready” for her husband to run again.

And then:

When asked if Biden is the only Democrat who could defeat Trump in the next presidential election, Pelosi responded with a resounding “no.”

“I think we have other great candidates when the time comes,” she added, according to the Times.

Biden is said to be preparing his campaign announcement at present, with the incumbent President likely making a declaration of his intent sometime in the spring.

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