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Pennsylvania Dems Might Just Vote for Trump If Warren Is the Liberal Nominee for POTUS (Report)

Kind of a big problem for her…

John Salvatore



Who would’ve thought when she made her official announcement that Elizabeth “I’ve lied about my background my entire adult life” Warren would be leading the 2020 Democrat presidential field? Let’s be real – not even Warren figured it could happen, even in her wildest dreams.

This goes to show just how incredibly weak the liberal field is. President Trump must be smiling from ear to ear, knowing he has two legs up on all progressive candidates. Couple that with the devastating news surrounding Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal and Bernie Sanders’ heart attack.

Even though “Pocahontas” is riding high at the moment, a report that dropped on Sunday afternoon should bring her back down to earth a great ways. Apparently, if the Massachusetts senator is handed her party’s nomination, Democrats in Pennsylvania might flip for Trump.

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How about them apples?

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From Townhall:

So, is the Democrats’ impeachment push popular with their base? Probably. This is something that they’ve de facto campaigned on for nearly three years. The impeachment of Donald Trump because he won the 2016 election was not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ But this is mostly an issue that appears to get the professional elite in the Democratic Party excited. There are other issues for the 2020 cycle. In Pennsylvania, a must-win state for both sides, Democrats in the western part of the state are not happy with the Democrats’ 2020 agenda. They’re not thrilled their party is anti-fracking and pushing an agenda that will gut their health insurance. For Medicare for All to work, all private plans have to go, which includes those for union workers. David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report noted this recently, adding there is a chasm where Democrats can fall if they come off as too insane. These folks are also not happy with the prospect of Lie-a-Watha Liz winning the nomination either:

Spent yesterday w/ a group of mostly union, anti-Trump Ds in western PA. Massive concerns about how a Warren nomination (esp. pledge to ban fracking on day one) would play out in the region.

Don’t underestimate how many voters in SWPA, etc. there are still left for Ds to lose.

2016 Clinton votes in the city of Philadelphia: 584,025

2016 Clinton votes in western PA *outside* the city of Pittsburgh: 631,120

Yes, there’s still a lot of room for Dems to fall.

My working theory…there were two types of indies who voted for Trump in 2016:

1) voters who liked idea of an unfiltered (entertaining?) prez who drove politicians/media crazy

2) voters who saw DC as 100% broken and wanted to try something totally different to get stuff done

The first group of indies has pretty much got the president “as seen on TV” in 2016. No letdown there.

But the second group is where Dems’ opportunity lies. He hasn’t “drained the swamp” or proven adept at “art of the deal” on infrastructure, immigration, etc. Dysfunction rules.

Moral of the story: Dems aren’t likely to win many more converts by attacking Trump’s behavior/style.

But they can probably win converts by arguing he fell right in line with the “swampy” Rs (esp. McConnell) to take away healthcare/cut taxes for rich & has made DC even worse.


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