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Pennsylvania Teen Faces $200 Fine for Going for A Drive to Escape Boredom During Lockdown

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Some people don’t seem to realize that their rights are being stripped away, almost daily, due to fears of further coronavirus spread. Everyone wants this nonsense to end, but at what cost?

Check out this wild story about a teenage woman who lives in Pennsylvania…

From Penn Live:

A 19-year-old York County woman went out for a drive just to get out of the house for awhile on Sunday evening and was circling her way back home when she was stopped by two state police cars.


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Anita Shaffer is now faced with what appears to be a ticket of at least $202.25 for breaking the state’s Disease Control and Prevention Act of 1955. She pleaded not guilty and intends to take up the matter before a magisterial district judge.

The citation fails to mention a fine amount but Trooper Brent Miller said it is a summary offense and the fine would be $25, which would bring the total cost of the ticket up to $227.25.

And here’s even more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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