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Pentagon Makes Major Declaration Regarding Alien Life on Earth

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The US government has finally given up on keeping all of their UFO secrets, well, secret, and it has many Americans wondering just how long it will take to get to the bottom of the issue.

The first major step in the direction of disclosure came after the Navy released footage from its infamous “USS Nimitz encounter”, in which several fighter jet pilots were able to lock onto an unknown object over the Pacific Ocean using their advanced tracking systems.  The unidentified device then proceeded to maneuver in ways that are seemingly impossible, in terms of known physics, until finally just disappearing from view.

And while no one is truly certain of what that object could have been, the Pentagon has now released a statement about the potential of alien life existing here on earth.

A new office at the Pentagon is scrutinizing hundreds of reports of unidentified objects in air, sea, space and beyond, senior U.S. defense officials said Friday, and while it has discovered no signs of alien life, the search is set to expand.

The issue has taken on increasing seriousness as a bipartisan group of lawmakers presses the Defense Department to investigate instances of unidentified phenomena and disclose publicly what they learn. Established in July, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office is evaluating recent reports and soon could evaluate accounts that date back decades, officials said.

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The Pentagon’s top intelligence official, Ronald Moultrie, told reporters during a news conference, the first to discuss the office and its ongoing work, that “At this time … we have nothing” to affirm the existence of space aliens.

More information is likely to reach the mainstream in the coming months, after a provision in the national defense spending bill demands the Pentagon compile an “historic records report” regarding these objects.

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