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Pentagon Measures Response to State Nat'l Guard Refusing Vaccine

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As President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates continue to face legal challenges from astute judges around the nation, there are plenty of other groups within our country who are equally as concerned about the constitutionality of the requirement – some of whom have explicitly sworn an oath to uphold that very constitution.

Among them are the Oklahoma National Guard, who this week flatly refused to abide by the Biden order.

Now, the Pentagon would like a word. 

The Department of Defense will respond “appropriately” to a decision this week by the Oklahoma National Guard to rescind the Pentagon’s requirement for service members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are aware of the memo issued by the Oklahoma Adjutant General regarding COVID vaccination for Guardsmen and the governor’s letter requesting exemption. We will respond to the governor appropriately,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Axios in a statement.

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And then:

“That said, Secretary Austin believes that a vaccinated force is a more ready force. That is why he has ordered mandatory vaccines for the total force, and that includes our National Guard, who contribute significantly to national missions at home and abroad,” Kirby added.

It is unclear what recourse, if any, the Pentagon will have in the matter, especially as the mandate itself continues to face abject judicial failures, week after week.

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