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PetSmart Faces Boycott as Twitter Users Discover What You Can Buy for Your Dog to 'Show Your Pride'

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You would think that given everything that has happened in the past few months, companies might start to think twice before deciding to jump on the woke advertising bandwagon.

Well, think again.

Instead of learning from the mistakes of their counterparts, more big corporations seem to be committed to virtue-signaling in order to appease leftist elites.

The latest company to join that list is PetSmart, whose stores and website now feature LGBT pride-themed items for almost every pet, ranging from dogs and cats to fish, under the headline “Show your pride.”

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Apparently, it was not enough for woke companies to come for our beer, sports, or even our children. Now, they cannot leave our beloved family pets out of this nonsense.

Naturally, this has enraged many conservatives, who feel that given the current string of boycotts of woke companies, why not add one more to the mix?

PetSmart probably should have thought twice before going ahead with this campaign, because, as recent events have shown, conservatives have the capability to organize and execute an effective boycott.

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It started with Bud Light, which partnered with transgender influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney for promotional purposes. The backlash was fierce and now the company has seen record losses.

But that was the easy boycott, as there are readily available alternatives to Bud Light on the beer market. The real challenge came with Target after the retail giant released LGBT and Satanic-themed merchandise aimed at children.

Although Target will probably be able to absorb the financial blow, the backlash has been effective enough to cause the company to pull much of the merchandise off the shelves.

Would you ever shop at PetSmart now?

In total, investors in Target and Bud Light have lost a combined $28 billion so far since the controversies erupted, according to Fox Business. This is an absolutely staggering number and shows the power that conservatives actually wield.

Whether conservatives will boycott PetSmart remains to be seen, but it is clear that they have the capability to do so.

This should encourage conservatives, as it shows that the tide may finally be turning in the war on woke corporations.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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