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Philly Residents Fight Back, Scaring White Supremacist Group Out of Town

The City of Brotherly Love reinforced their namesake ideology this weekend.



The Constitution of the United States is a beautiful and awe-inspiring piece of history, and a functioning insurance policy against intolerance and inequality the nation over.  It tells us that all are created equal, and that each and every American is due liberty and justice – no matter what.

If you believe in the Constitution, then there is no room for hate in this nation.  There is no reason to believe that one person is inherently greater than the other, at least in terms of opportunity and inalienable rights, and those who profess differently are committing acts of diet treason on the daily.

Racists and bigot simply do not respect the Constitution, no matter how many ways in which they try to convince us otherwise.

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And so, when true Americans are confronted with racism, they take action.

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Masked white supremacists who marched outside Philadelphia City Hall over the Fourth of July weekend ran away when pedestrians confronted them, using smoke bombs to obscure their retreat, authorities said Monday.

This group of hate mongers was even bold enough to falsely claim that they themselves were “patriots”, despite their racism running counter to the Constitution itself.

About 200 members of the group Patriot Front descended on the city’s downtown Saturday night chanting “reclaim America” and saying the presidential election had been stolen, Philadelphia police spokeswoman Tanya Little said.

The aptly-named City of Brotherly Love simply wasn’t having it.

Video published by NBC Philadelphia shows dozens of people in khaki pants, blue shirts and white masks carrying U.S. flags and shields.

In the video, people following the group can be heard yelling at the marchers and taunting them. At one point, one of the onlookers pushes a member of the group.

Police Officer Michael Crum told WPVI-TV that Patriot Front members felt threatened and “literally ran away from the people of Philadelphia.”

As they did, Little said, they threw what appeared to smoke bombs “to cover their retreat as they fled.”

White Supremacist groups have been growing bolder in recent years, largely driven by the mainstream media’s culture of division, which contributes heavily to the rampant radicalization of our nation.


Gunman Bricked to Death After Opening Fire on Forth Worth Party

You don’t mess with Texas.



You know what they say:  Don’t mess with Texas. This is the sort of placed where the locals have no problem reminding you, and swiftly, that you’re not from around here.  They are fiercely independent Americans, and they enjoy their freedom in their own unique way. Texans always seem to get their way, and they certainly have been known to find a unique solution to their problems. This is as true as ever this week. A gunman who opened fire at a party early Monday in Texas, fatally shooting one person, died after attendees struck him with bricks, authorities said. The incident began around 1 a.m. in the backyard of a Fort Worth home when an attendee became angry and left, the police department said in a statement. The person, identified by a Fort Worth police spokesperson only as a man, returned with a second person and got into an argument with other partygoers. The man opened fire, striking one person and causing a non-life-threatening injury, the statement said. But then… When people at the party began chasing him, he opened fire and they threw landscaping bricks at him, the statement said. Two people were struck by gunfire, one of them fatally, police said. The second person was taken to a hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene, and has yet to be publicly identified.

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Swastika Found Engraved at State Department Draws Condemnation

The Secretary of State was LIVID.



There’s nothing funny about the Nazi regime, and everyone knows it, except for a certain breed of adolescent dolt who’s simply looking to appear edgy and dangerous as some hormonal ploy to attract a mate. These are the kids that would draw toothbrush mustaches on the faces in the magazines, or throw up a sig heil behind the teacher’s back for a laugh. But this phase almost always fades as the years climb on, and most of these young idiots looks back at themselves in a perpetual state of cringe. This leaves us to assume that anyone continuing to exude such Hitleresque nonsense into adulthood is doing so very purposefully, and not with the naïveté of their younger years. At the State Department, this reality is causing a bit of concern. A swastika carved into an elevator car has been discovered at the State Department in Washington—in a location within the building’s security perimeter. The elevator is close to the office of the special envoy charged with monitoring and opposing anti-semitism, Axios reports. Secretary of State Antony Blinken emailed all employees Tuesday about the discovery. Blinken was livid. “The hateful graffiti has been removed and this incident will be investigated,” he wrote. Blinken is the stepson of a Holocaust survivor, per the Washington Post, and has emphasized the threat of anti-semitism, which he wrote “isn’t a relic of the past.” Officials have said President Biden will nominate an ambassador-at-large to deal with the problem; the Jerusalem Post called for such a position in an editorial this month. Hate has been on the rise in America in recent years, as white supremacist groups continue to recruit and spread their message online, and then, often violently, in real life.

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