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Pilot Who Threatened Walmart Crash Left Cryptic Note on Facebook

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Early on Saturday morning, many Americans woke to a bizarre and nearly tragic story about a pilot in Mississippi who had stolen a plane and threatened to crash it into a Walmart store.

Luckily, the incident ended without injury, but the strange situation left us with more questions than answers.

Cory Patterson, 29, stole a fully fueled Beechcraft King Air C90 twin-engine aircraft from Tupelo Airport at around 5am, called 911 and threatened to crash into a Walmart store.

It appeared as though Patterson may have been considering suicide prior to stealing the plane.

In a Facebook message at 9:32 a.m. that now has been deleted, Patterson wrote an apology to his family, saying, “Sorry everyone. Never actually wanted to hurt anyone. I love my parents and sister this isn’t your fault. Goodbye.”

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People close to Patterson were thankful to have him on the ground safely.

Chelsea Fleming Jolly, a close friend of Patterson wrote a Facebook post following the incident.

“He’s a human being. A good human being too. He made a huge mistake today, and it saddens me that the rest of the world won’t ever get to know him the way that I do.” Jolly wrote. “He could have ended it all today, freeing himself from all the hurtful and ugly things that are going to be said about him but instead, he chose life and a chance at forgiveness. You, too, have a decision to make, you can either pray for him or you can be the reason that people feel [like] they have no hope.”

Police attempted to convince Patterson to land at an airport, but he aborted upon approach and traveled dozens of miles before eventually landing in a field and being apprehended.

Authorities do not believe that Patterson is a licensed pilot.

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