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Police Allow Family to See Only 20 Seconds of Footage in Andrew Brown's Death

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In Elizabeth City, North Carolina, local officials have found themselves on the receiving end of heavy criticism after providing an “insulting” amount of transparency in the case of a police-involved shooting.

The family of Andrew Brown Jr., who was shot and killed by police just a few days ago, were shocked to find that they would only be allowed to 20 seconds worth of one body camera’s footage of the incident.

 The family of a Black man who was fatally shot by police in North Carolina last week were shown Monday a 20-second snippet of police body camera footage of the shooting.

Andrew Brown Jr., 42, was fatally shot by Pasquotank County sheriff’s deputies in Elizabeth City on Wednesday when they attempted to serve him with an arrest warrant, the sheriff’s office said.

Yet few details have been released about the shooting. In dispatch audio from that day, first responders can be heard saying a man had gunshot wounds to the back.

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A copy of Brown’s death certificate obtained by CNN says he died as a result of a “penetrating gunshot wound of the head” and died within “minutes” of being shot. The certificate categorizes his death as a homicide, saying Brown was “shot by others.”

In a fiery pres conference after the family viewed the tape, Brown’s family’s lawyers were heated, stating that the county attorney in the case would not allow these legal professionals to view the video as well, stating that their jurisdiction was not recognized in North Carolina.

Further, that county attorney is being accused of threatening attorney Bakari Sellers in a profane exchange.

[WARNING:  Strong language ahead.]

There is little doubt that this case will continue to dominate headlines in the coming days, as more and more social media users begin to cry “cover-up” in regard to the case.

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