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Police Officer Arrested for Allegedly Shoplifting While On Duty and In Uniform

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A Mississippi police officer who was arrested Wednesday on a shoplifting charge was fired one day later.

Officer Robin Conner was arrested at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday in response to a complaint from Dick’s Sporting Goods, according to WCBI-TV.

Police Chief Joseph Daughtry said Conner was in uniform and was on duty at the time.
“An employee observed them and detained the officer and called 911,” Daughtry said, according to the Dispatch.

“911, knowing it was an officer, called the (shift supervisor) and they notified us. Myself, the assistant chief and the captain over patrol all responded.”

Daughtry said the department was handling the arrest as it would all other complaints.

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“We’re putting her in jail,” Daughtry said Wednesday. “It’s embarrassing for the department, but we’re going to treat her like we would anybody else.”

“I don’t see there’s any conflict of interest,” Daughtry said.

“If it was a major case we would turn it over to another agency, but this is a misdemeanor and it’s pretty much cut and dried,” he said.

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He said Wednesday he would recommend Conner be fired.

She was initially put on administrative leave after the misdemeanor shoplifting charge was lodged against her.

According to WTVA-TV, she was accused of taking a $140 pair of sneakers.

Conner was freed on a surety bond of $862.

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“We have a job to do and we’re held to a higher standard. And the community is just starting to trust us, and to take this gut punch really hurts,” Daughtry said.

“That’s why we fulfilled our obligation, not only to the store, but to the community,” said Daughtry.

On Thursday morning, the city council voted 5–0 to fire Conner, according to WTVA-TV.

“Although (Conner) was given notice of (her) right to appear before the mayor and council, (Conner) did not,” a Columbus news release said, according to the Dispatch.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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