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Police Question Aspiring Cadet and Military Vet’s Homeschool Diploma



Homeschooling is a growing practice in the US as parents opt to take their children’s education into their own hands and avoid the many problems associated with public schools, but in the “real world”, many people are still struggling to understand that it is a valid form of education.

Every state has different homeschool laws, and the requirements for graduation vary accordingly. This is, of course, the same in the public school system, but a diploma from an institutional school rarely raises questions.

If you have met the requirements to serve in our nation’s military, however, apparently a homeschool diploma might still raise questions, as one New Jersey family found out recently.

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The Homeschool Legal Defense Association‘s Scott Woodruff explains:

After serving in the military, a New Jersey homeschool graduate applied to work in a law enforcement job. But while his background made him a very desirable candidate, the officer processing his application was in a quandary as to how to confirm that his parent-issued high school diploma was legitimate.

He explains that while the police may have been confused by his diploma, it was every bit as valid as a regular school diploma, and he was able to advise the parents accordingly:

The purpose of a high school diploma is to provide an easily recognized document to substantiate that the bearer successfully completed his secondary education. The diploma itself is confirmation that the student finished a high school program. So if someone questions whether the diploma is real, or valid, or legitimate, or just wants some form of additional support, what is the best source to consult? The person who signed the diploma!

At my recommendation, therefore, the candidate’s mother and father signed affidavits attesting to the fact that their son had graduated from a lawful program of secondary education and earned a high school diploma. These affidavits, together with a letter from me explaining that the diploma was valid under New Jersey law, were transmitted to the officer.

Thankfully, the young man had a happy ending and was able to verify his diploma, and was hired!


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