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Polish Intel Reveals Putin's 'Torture Camps' for Ukrainians

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From the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been a multitude of comparisons between Vladimir Putin’s territorial aspirations and those of Adolf Hitler at the beginning of World War II.

Both men seem consumed with the idea that their nations have a “right” to own other lands and territories that have long been sovereign and independent.  Then, as the horrors of the Russian troops’ actions came to light, it became clear that the goal in Ukraine wasn’t just annexation, but a complete erasure of the culture of the nation.

Even captured Russian troops admitted that they were committing “genocide”, another nod to the evils of the Nazi regime.

Now, in what appears to be another parallel to the horrors of the past, Russia’s forced deportation of millions of Ukrainians has been exposed as an excuse to place them into torture camps.

Poland’s intelligence services say they have identified camps where thousands of Ukrainian children have been held and adults brutally beaten by invading Russian forces.

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Special Services minster Stanislaw Zaryn said on Wednesday that over 1.5 million Ukrainians including ‘thousands of children’ were being held in various locations inside occupied territory where ‘Ukrainians are sent en masse’ and ‘subjected to torture’.

This wasn’t just conjecture, either.

Posting satellite photos and exact coordinates of ‘locations where there are Russian torture chambers used against Ukrainians’, he said: ‘The Kremlin has organised a network of prisons and filter camps in which it is holding detained Ukrainians.’

It comes as Human Rights Watch confirmed it had interviewed dozens of Ukrainians who were detained by Russian forces, many of whom had injuries and signs of torture.

As for what happens after a thorough inspection from Russian agents:  Some Ukrainians are deported into Russia herself, while others are forcibly conscripted into the Russian army.

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