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Politician Warns: Russia and China Planning 'New World Order'

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For years, Vladimir Putin has been plotting and scheming and scavenging his way into more power.  This is his nature.  Snake-like.  Cold.  Always hungry.

To what end, the world didn’t likely know.  Sure, Putin has been unpredictable, but never as purely unhinged as he is now.  There was always a sense that the Russian dictator wanted more of the world to call his won, but he had previously refrained from suggesting that he was going to nuke it first.

Now, one politician from Lithuania thinks that they know why things are going as far off the rails as they are:  Putin is in cahoots with Beijing in an attempt to createnew world order.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Lithuanian politician Matas Maldeikis has warned that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is just the first step of the plan to upend the international order.

There was no mistaking Maldeikis’ sentiment.

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“Everything is being coordinated with China,” Maldeikis said. “Putin, along with China, is trying to create a New World Order, in which the rules of the world are created in Beijing and Moscow. Ukraine is just a part of this plan. Taiwan also.”

The news is stunning, certainly, and puts into perspective the sudden desperation of Putin as he fails to impress Xi with his failing folly in Ukraine.

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