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POLL: China's Human Rights Abuses Draw Global Condemnation

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As we approach the precipice of the future world order of this planet, there are plenty of disparate opinions regarding the path forward, and not all of them are kind.

In fact, there is a real concern about the recent rise in authoritarianism around the globe.  Of course, at the forefront of this worry today is Russia, who appears hellbent on rebuilding the old Soviet empire…and by force.

But then there is China, who would rather glean the intellectual property of the world at large, run it through their nigh-unregulated and inhumane labor force, and profit immensely in the process.

That’s not to say that China doesn’t have other evils to atone for, however, and the world has not forgotten about the totality of their human rights abuses.

A Pew Research Center poll of 25,000 adults across 19 countries found that nearly 80 percent of respondents viewed China’s human rights violations as a “serious problem,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Thursday.

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A median of 79 percent of the poll’s respondents considered China’s human rights abuses a “serious problem” while 47 percent viewed them as a “very serious problem.”

And that’s not all:

Continuing, Pew Research Center wrote:

“Unfavorable views are also closely related to concerns about China’s military power – something that a median of 37% say is a very serious problem. Worries are particularly acute among China’s neighbors – especially Japan (60%), Australia (57%) and South Korea (46%) – though nearly half in some non-geographically proximate countries like Spain (47%) and the Netherlands (46%) also feel this way.

“Economic competition with China is seen as a less serious problem. A median of 30% describe it as
very serious, and outside of Israel, it is not seen as the top problem among the four tested in any of
the 19 countries.”

This global disdain for China’s human rights record will surely come into play as the CCP continues to threaten Taiwan with military drills and tyrannical propaganda.

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