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POLL: Kamala Loses 2024 Matchup to Liberal State Governor

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If the Democrats know what’s good for them, they will have already begun to look outside of the Biden administration for their 2024 candidate…but expecting such foresight from the liberal left has been a tall order of late.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been nearly useless in office, having watched their barely-ambitious agenda go up in flames…if it goes anywhere at all.  The approval rating for the President is at historic lows, and no one can really explain what it is that Harris has been up to at all.

Things are so bleak, in fact, that Harris can’t even seem to match up in hypothetical 2024 elections with politicians who haven’t even considered running yet.

With California Gov. Gavin Newsom continuing his foray into national politics by running ads in Florida, it was only a matter of time until he was included in 2024 general election polling.

A recently released Yahoo News/YouGov survey conducted between June 24-27 polled hypothetical 2024 matchups between President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Newsom on the Democratic side against former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the Republican side.

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The poll found Biden leading Trump 42% to 40% and DeSantis 41% to 37%. It found Harris tied with Trump 41% to 41%, but matched Biden’s margin against DeSantis at 41% to 37%.

And here is where it get really telling:

The poll suggests Newsom would be a stronger general election candidate than Harris. When running against Trump, Newsom not only fares better than Harris does (albeit narrowly), but he also has more room to grow (21% of voters said they were undecided in the Newsom-Trump matchup compared to 18% who said the same in the Harris-Trump matchup).

Newsom’s aforementioned advertisement took direct aim at rising GOP star DeSantis, suggesting that the California Democrat is eyeing a potential feud with the Sunshine State lawmaker in the near future.

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