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Poll Shows Entire World is 'Unhappier' Over Course of Biden Presidency

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While the Democrats have yet to admit it, the idea of electing Joe Biden to the presidency was never about building a political legacy for the septuagenarian, but rather as a stop-gap measure meant to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected.

This is, of course, the cardinal sin of American politics:  Choosing person over policy, and playing on “teams” as opposed to voting your conscience.  Biden himself appeared largely reluctant to run, but was suddenly convinced during the late stages of the election cycle.

And, now that he’s President, it’s rather apparent that he’s also fairly reluctant to get anything done…and the world has taken notice.

A poll released by Gallup on Tuesday found the world “sadder, more worried, and more stressed-out” in 2021 than the year before, pushing its “negative experience index” to a record high of 33 points in the first year of U.S. President Joe Biden’s term.

Gallup’s annual global bummer survey includes adult respondents from 122 countries. In 2021, 42 percent described themselves as “worried,” 41 percent as “stressed,” 28 percent as “sad,” and 23 percent as “angry.” 31 percent said they were in considerable physical pain.

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And that wasn’t all:

Those figures represent a two-percent increase in worry and pain, plus one-percent increases in stress and sadness, over the year of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. On the bright side, anger fell by one point.

Gallup also asks about positive experiences and found them slipping downward for the first time since 2017. Positive experiences include laughter, enjoyment, learning, respect, and feeling well-rested. Laugher increased two points and learning increased by one, but the others all slipped.

Also, and unsurprisingly, the people of Afghanistan registered as some of the least happy in the world, after Joe Biden’s disastrous early troop withdrawal from the region allowed the Taliban to swiftly regain control of the middle eastern nation.

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