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Poll Shows Widespread Support for Biden Cognitive Test

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From the moment that Joe Biden burst back onto the political scene in 2020 as a reluctant candidate for President, there was a general sense among the American electorate that he may be a bit old for the job.

And, after he was elected as the most elderly President to ever be inaugurated into his first term, things only got worse.  His gaffes became nearly constant and wildly inappropriate at times, and his general mood seemed to shift fro codgerly to confused to chaotic.

Now, thanks to this consistent questioning of his mental capabilities, Americans are showing more support than ever for the possibility that the President could take a cognitive test.

The poll asked, “Do you think Joe Biden should take a cognitive health test and release it publicly?” Fifty-nine said the president should release a cognitive test, while only 30 percent said he should not. Eleven percent declined to answer.

Since McLaughlin and Associates started polling the question in December of 2021, about 60 percent of respondents have wanted Biden to release a cognitive test.

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And that wasn’t all…

According to an April poll, a majority of voters said that Biden is unfit to be president and they doubt his mental ability. Sixty-two percent said he is not fit to be president because he is too old.

Additional polling found 59 percent of voters are worried about Biden’s mental and physical fitness. Only 35 percent of respondents are not worried, comprising 18 percent who are “not very worried” and 17 percent who are not worried at all. Six percent had no opinion.

Biden has repeatedly suggested that he’s planning to run for President again in 2024, but the Democratic Party has been slowing backing away from that idea over the course of the last several months, no doubt in part because of his perceived mental trouble.

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