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Pope Francis Takes Surprising Stance on Gay Priests, Prompting Rebuke from World

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The Catholic Church is in trouble, and no amount of softball answers from Pope Francis is going to right the ship.

For decades, perhaps longer, there have been whispers of a horrid culture lurking beneath the surface of the church.  Systemic sexual child abuse seems to be an implied trait of the higher rungs of Catholicism as of late, thanks in no small part to the newly digitized world.  You see, we, as concerned people of faith, are able to share information at the same speed that the church can.  In the pre-internet days, this wasn’t possible, allowing the Catholic bigwigs to get out in front of such stories, pressuring local law enforcement and journalistic establishments into squashing or underreporting the damage.

Now, with Twitter and Facebook, it’s far more difficult for Catholic head honchos to keep their secrets.

Pope Francis, for what it’s worth, has been an abysmal failure in dealing with the ongoing issue, even going so far as to compare the victims of these attacks to the unholy entities below.

Now, in a shockingly archaic and perhaps bigotry-adjacent statement, the Pope is now delegitimizing the idea of gay priests in the Catholic religion.

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After months of seemingly avoiding the issue following the Pennsylvania grand jury report that alleged 300 predator priests molested (mostly male) victims over a 75-year period while church hierarchy covered it up, Pope Francis has given perhaps the harshest denunciation of his pontificate regarding homosexuality in the priesthood.

According to the New York Post, Pope Francis “unequivocally” stated over the weekend that “homosexual men should not be admitted into the Catholic clergy and gay priests should practice celibacy or leave the church.”

“There’s no room for that kind of affection,” Pope Francis said regarding same-sex attracted men in the priesthood.

Pope Francis made his remarks during an interview with Spanish priest Fernando Prado in which he referred to homosexuality in the priesthood as a “serious issue.”

Pope Francis’ take on the issue is remarkable in that he has often been seen as a socially accepting Pope, whose stances on certain subjects are bordering on those of the “social justice” trope.

Pedophilia in the church is an abomination of trust and faith, (not to mention the law),  and it is simply unacceptable to equate that wicked practice with homosexuality as a whole…especially in America where all are “created equal”.

Again, this is a case of Pope Francis skirting the reality of the situation, in which the Catholic Church is either fostering pedophiles or creating them.

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