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Portland Police Ordered to Allow Rioters to Turn Violent, Have 'Hands-Off' Approach

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Over the course of the last several months, it has become rather apparent that the city of Portland, Oregon, is in deep trouble.

Every night, consecutively, for literal months at a time, there have been violent, anarchic riots and violence, much of which emanated from the far-left, and the angsty ideologues of Antifa.

But new report seem to indicate that Portland itself was offering little in way of guard rails against the violence, and that has a great many residents seeing red.

The decision by Portland police to use a hands-off strategy to opposing rallies drew criticism this week as violence between the two political groups ended with gunfire Sunday, according to a report.

The far-right and far-left groups squared off with paintball guns, bats and chemical spray as they clashed in Northeast Portland – despite calls by officials and police to remain peaceful.

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“People were lighting fireworks and dispersing chemical spray, as well as firing what appeared to be paintball and/or airsoft guns,” police said in a statement. “Some property destruction was observed.”

And, even more worrisome:

Police had directed officers to observe the fights from a distance, even as local residents were caught up in the fray. But an apparent exchange of gunfire downtown eventually prompted police to intervene for the first time, according to The Oregonian. A man was arrested after the shooting, but it was not clear if the incident was tied to the earlier clashes, police told Fox News.

Leadership in the city seemed unconcerned.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, in a statement Monday, contended it was the right strategy. He argued that previous announcements by him, police, and other officials decrying hate speech, and bigotry – along with the hands-off approach – caused at least one of the groups to relocate to a separate area in the city.

Of course, some would say that the sheer frequency of such violence is enough to indicate that a “hands-off” approach may be a poor choice.

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