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Preschool Teacher Who Had Monkeypox Suspended After Disgusting Posts Come to Light

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The story begins with an outpouring of support for a preschool teacher in Portland, Oregon, who went public about the challenges of being infected with monkeypox.

But once the social media history of Marco Antonio Reyes Rojas became fully public, he was banned from working with small children, according to Newsweek.

“I had huge rash on my back. I had some on my neck – on the back of my neck, the back of my head, my fingers, my face, my legs. That’s when everything came to reality, and everything pointed to ‘you have monkeypox,’” he said, according to WRC-TV, while he was gaining attention and sympathy.

“I’m pretty drained. It’s been exhausting having to navigate this on [my] own.”

A GoFundMe account to help him topped $7,000, according to Newsweek.

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And then the situation got worse when state officials were asked about what Reyes Rojas, 30, who is openly gay, had been posting on social media.

“OCC [Office of Child Care] has determined that the Individual is not suitable for enrollment in the Registry and that Individual poses a substantial threat and serious danger to the health and safety of children and suspended the Individual’s enrollment from the CBR [Central Background Registry] effective August 19, 2022,” a state order reads, per Newsweek.

The state order against Reyes Rojas says he “engaged in inappropriate behavior while working at Fruit and Flower Child Care Center” in Portland.

The order said Reyes Rojas “has posted sexually explicit and highly concerning posts about his physical and emotional state while working with child care children on his personal social media account.”

WARNING: The following contains content that some readers will find offensive.

His Twitter posts discussed sex – a lot, with or without a partner. One of the latter episodes occurred at work.

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And various posts of his from 2021 discussed him being sexually aroused or under the influence while he was working around young children, according to Newsweek.

On the Twitter account he has since locked down, Reyes Rojas announced in June he would begin a new career, saying he would go into sex work via Only Fans and Just for Fans.

“This body needs to be exposed,” he tweeted.

Should Reyes Rojas face prison time?

Reyes Rojas also posted multiple nude pictures on his account.

The only reply from Reyes Rojas was curt: “I’m not interested in speaking with you or any other outlet at the moment,” he said, according to Newsweek.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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