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President Biden Calls 'July 6th' Insurrectionists 'Sick're

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President Joe Biden has been rather stuck on this Dark Brandon shtick when it comes to talking about January 6th, 2021, often insulting conservative Americans in the process.

He’s called MAGA Republicans a “threat to Democracy”, and he’s lamented about how they threaten the “soul of America” in long-winded, escalatory diatribes that only seem to further divide our nation.

This week, as we marked the second anniversary of the turbulent event, the President even went so far as to call the protesters “sick”.

President Joe Bided tore into the ‘sick insurrectionists’ as he awarded 14 individuals with the the Presidential Citizens Medal at a White House ceremony Friday marking the second anniversary of the January 6 Capitol attack.

The honorees were a who’s who of those who testified before the House select committee on January 6: from opening witnesss Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, to Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, to Georgia poll workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss.

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But, in true Biden fashion, the Commander in Chief couldn’t even get the date right.

‘What you did was truly consequential. Not a joke,’ Biden told the awardees, including family members of the fallen officers. ‘If I could halt for a second and just say to you the impact of what happened on July the 6th had international repercussions beyond what any of you can understand,’ Biden said, messing up the date by six months.

Biden turned on the ‘Dark Brandon’ character a little later:

At the event, Biden got the most heated when he spoke about the death of Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans, who was killed in a car attack in April 2021, while the Capitol Building was still heavily fortified in the aftermath of the insurrection.

Evans died, Biden said, ‘three months after January 6 while they’re still cordoning off the Capitol because of the threats of these sick insurrectionists continued to be profligated on the internet.’

‘Officer Evans was killed defending the checkpoint you had to go through to get up to the Capitol because of these God awful sick threats that continued to go forward,’ the president continued. ‘And the whole world saw it.’

The January 6th select committee has referred former President Donald Trump to the DOJ on what they felt were four distinct criminal offenses, but the Justice Department has chosen not to move forward with charges as of this writing.

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