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President Trump Does Not Mince Words as He Responds to Calls for Harassment of His Staff

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There are many reasons President Trump was elected in 2016, but the biggest may just be his tendency to get right to the point.

Unlike other politicians, Trump says what he means and means what he says. He cuts right to the chase and rarely bothers with diplomatic language, and certainly doesn’t bother with political correctness.

So when his cabinet members faced discrimination and harassment last week, only to be followed up by Representative Maxine Waters actually calling for more harassment, he cut right to the case in a fundraising email, telling his supporters he would not allow this double-standard between Democrats and Republicans to go unaddressed.

The Washington Times has the story:

Two days after Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California urged Americans to harass Trump officials in public, the Trump campaign issued a warning in the email Tuesdaynight.

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The email, entitled “Harassment,” states:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant.

“[Homeland Security Secretary] Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed in her own home.

“Homeland Security staffers have been warned of ‘increased threats’ from the open borders mob.

“…And now Democrat Maxine Waters is calling for MORE HARASSMENT of the Silent Majority. The Left is trying to bully and buy their way back into power. Not on my watch. I will always stand up for you.”

The president said in the solicitation that Democrats are guilty of a double-standard.

“Can we finally admit the truth? Democrats only care about ‘equal rights’ if you’re a liberal,” he said.

Trump is speaking right to the hypocrisy and double-standard that have continuously been driving voters away from Democrats and caused so many Americans to resist the toxic philosophy of intersectional politics.

The left genuinely believes that if you disagree with someone, it is justifiable to treat them differently than you’d treat someone you disagree with.

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Commentators like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Christina Hoff Sommers, themselves far from radical in any sense of the word, have experienced this first-hand on college campuses, where far-left students who consider their evidence-based conclusions about the world “hate speech”, openly justify using violence as a means of preventing their views from being heard.

This kind of thinking is spreading like cancer through the Democratic party, which is why, stunningly, there are still so many voters who are fully in favor of treating Republicans differently than they’d want to be treated.

We can’t sit idly by and allow this kind of mentality to continue to influence the left. There is a place for civil discourse and debate in our nation, and we can’t allow that to die.


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