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President Trump Fires Warning Shot on Border Security with Nat'l Emergency Quip

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The President, in his bombastic and poignant way, allowed a brief press briefing turn into something far more today in what is becoming a bit of a routine for the Commander in Chief.

At one point asking reporters if they should “keep this going”, the President was forceful and stern in the answer to many of his questions, while still playing the eternal optimist to Chuck Schumer’s doom-and-gloom attitude.

The democrats left their meeting with the President and immediately called it “contentious”.  The President, while admitting that it may have been construed as much, did first offer his thoughts on the meeting saying that it was indeed “productive”.

Then, as the mainstream media turned rowdy in their questioning, the President fired a warning shot over the head of the democrats on the subject of the necessity of a border wall.

President Donald Trump is seriously considering potential options to circumvent Congress, including declaring a national emergency to help pay for parts of his desired border wallalong the U.S.-Mexico border, according to multiple sources familiar with the ongoing discussions.

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Among the options are reprogramming funds from the Department of Defense and elsewhere, sources said.

Sources tell ABC News the discussions are still on the “working level” adding that there’s a range of legal mechanisms that are being considered before such a decision is announced.

Then came the President’s big news.

The president, when asked about ABC News’ reporting later on Friday during a press conference, acknowledged that he would consider granting himself national emergency powers to help get the wall built “for the security of our country”. He did not elaborate on the details of such a process.

The threat comes at a time in which our government has been in the midst of a partial shutdown for 14 days, with some 800,000 government employees currently not drawing a paycheck.

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